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  • WIFI

    • SPECTRUM 19, PW: nobleverse803

  • Parking

    • Two tandem parking spots labeled 12, please be mindful of the pillars.

  • BBQ

    • Courtyard is for anyone to use. Please clean up after yourself.

  • 2 Beach Cruisers

    • Under the black protective cover in the courtyard, two cream Schwinn Admiral Hybrid bikes are yours to use. Keys to locks are provided. Please lock these up wherever you go, including when back in complex. Bike theft occurs often!

  • Keys

    • To unlock bikes, keys are hanging to the right of the stove. Larger key is for smaller bike. Gold key is for back door leading to alley (easiest to take bikes out that way). Bikes are under the black cover; 2 Marins are locked together. The red/green one is a bit smaller than the other and it squeaks but it works just fine.

    Laundry Room

    • Laundry is coin operated and located behind the blue door on the first floor of the complex. This is a community laundry room so please be courteous of others.


    • Large remote is for on/off (It takes a minute for the TV to turn on) and volume, small remote for all else - IF NO SIGNAL APPEARS THEN PUSH MENU ON SMALL REMOTE. You can use your fingers on the top of the small remote to use as a guide. You can login to Netflix/Hulu/CBS All Access etc.

  • Flameless Candles (3 of them) 

  • Trash

    • Small gold key opens trash can in alley to the left of the backdoor of complex (if needed, otherwise leave trash for cleaners).

  • Bathroom

    • Please don't plug the sink. If you do, and it gets stuck down, it can be twisted to the right and will eventually come back up.

    • Please don't flush anything except toilet paper down the toilet.

  • Owner's Cabinets

    • There are cabinets/drawers labeled throughout which are meant to be locked. All other cabinets please feel free to store personal items and use whatever is in there.

  • Emergency Kit

    • If you happen to need something from there, please keep it.

  • In Case of Emergency

    • Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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